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The Handset or Cell Phone Service - Which Comes First?

Cellular phone handsets are a way of life, even tangible proof of your affluence, status and sophistication! Everybody wants the 'coolest' gadgets first and some even go to the extent of splurging hundreds and thousands of dollars purchasing exclusive and customized cell phones. The 'bling' on the phone is also a regular with the new generation and well - they are not just 'telephones' anymore. But while you dent your pocket for a spectacular piece of well engineered device, are you sure the phone is compatible with your cell phone service provider? Being aware of the features of your phone and which cell phone service providers can accommodate those features is necessary.

Not every phone works with every wireless network so it is important to make sure that your new electronic friend will actually work with your cell phone service provider. If you are a first time user, it is advisable to choose your cell phone service provider and a talk plan before venturing out to purchase the handset to make sure it is not a waste of money and efforts. If you end up choosing the wrong plan for your cell phone you can still change it the next month or even midway and it may cost you a little but imagine setting your heart on a new model, taking the pains to get it in the first lot and then finding out your cell phone service provider does not feature the phone! Almost all cell phone service providers offer a complete range of handsets for different service plans; all brands and all ranges from inexpensive ones to the complete feature stacked models. Unless your heart is set on a completely exclusive cell phone, chances are you will find your kind of handset with the cell phone service provider of your choice.

Unlike Europe and Asia, wireless systems in the USA are not compatible with each other. So, if you want to change your cell phone service provider and move from AT&T to Sprint, you will likely have to change your handset too! If you are going to use your cell phone only for emergency purposes then it is more profitable to choose a pre-paid plan with your cell phone service provider before actually buying the handset. It will probably be a better and more profitable deal through the cell phone service provider as there are talk plans as low as $30 or $40 with prepaid and an inexpensive cell phone service through them.

A prepaid cell phone service plan for your cell phone is also ideal when you want to budget your usage or do not want to get into a service contract with a cell phone service provider. If you want to get your children a cellular phone, a prepaid cell phone service plan is the best way to monitor their spending and talk time. Another added advantage of a pre paid plan on your cell phone is no credit checks! Though it began in the European countries, pre paid talk plans through cell phone service providers have steadily gained momentum in the USA as well. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile and Virgin Mobile, all of them provide pre-paid calling plans. Simply purchase a phone, activate it and pay for the minutes you talk, without the trouble of monthly bills or hidden charges and taxes.

A quick guide to choosing a wireless way to communication begins with identifying your calling needs, knowing when , where and how much you intend to use your cell phone; accordingly contact your short listed cell phone service providers for rates on talk plans; compare and choose the best option and then purchase your handset from the service provider.

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